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In other scenarios, the youth is asked to leave because of gender identification,” he said.

Moreover, 30 percent of children who are trafficked reported sexual abuse by someone in their family and 14 percent disclosed sexual abuse by both someone within and outside of their family, a 2009 study revealed.5.

Trafficked children are treated as criminals despite federal law classifying anyone under 18 years of age a victim Despite statutory rape laws in every state explicitly stating that children under 18 cannot legally consent to having sex, (in conformity with the federal of 2000) most states still allow minors to be arrested and charged with prostitution crimes.

Kate Mogulescu, attorney at Legal Aid Society who has represented hundreds of indigent clients aged under 21 facing criminal prosecution for prostitution, outlined her frustrations with the system at a recent seminar on “” in New York:“Our criminal justice is deeply flawed.

Women make up buyers and traffickers as well According to the , most trafficked children predominantly serve white males between 25 and 55 years old, with a preference for older, wealthy white males.

However, 40 percent of boys and 11 percent of the girls surveyed said that they had served a female client, with 13 percent of the boys exclusively serving female clients.

Another scenario is the fee-for-service drive-by-pimp – a guy will drive his car, ask a child if he wants to make some money for the evening, pimp him/her out and then at the end of the night the child may never see that person again.

In other situations, families may pimp out their kids to support their drug addiction,” he said.3.

Moreover, the found that law enforcement officers are more likely to arrest underage boys engaged in commercial sex rather than refer them to social service providers, as they do with girls.6.However, one of the surprising things we found about the street sex market is that young women have a surprising amount of agency.We encountered so many young women who had expired their pimps who were brutal or bullying them,” he told Alter Net.4.There is a fundamental perverseness about it because you have to be arrested and charged for prostitution first even if you are under 18.It has always been ‘the state versus the trafficking victim, who is considered a defendant and that just doesn’t go away.

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Here are 10 child sex trafficking statistics that you most likely didn’t read….1.