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Dating o zbekcha

The new school should have a standard request form that it can send to us.We will then forward all of the student’s records directly to the new school.The DSS supports the NCCY by working with adult members of the family to achieve stabilization within the family unit.

If you are a primary or secondary victim of a crime, you may have to cope with challenges you never expected to face.

Dialing the toll-free number 0-800-200-18-18 or the short number "1060" gets the caller to the Call center from any region of the Republic of Uzbekistan, where the caller is provided with detailed instructions on how, where and when you can get a particular public service, what documents must be submitted to the state authority to obtain this service.

One can also make an appointment to meet the top management of the state authority or leave a complaint.

The caller will be provided the reference number, which allows tracking the status of the appeal by calling the Call center.

The purpose of the Call center is to provide information on the services rendered via the Single interactive state services portal for citizens and businesses.

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If you are requesting that the records be sent to you, then either email your request to [email protected], or fax it to 610-265-5825 or 610-265-5361.

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