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Final fantasy dating sim

please do something thank you This game`s graphic is pretty good, I think the only thing that needs improving is the choice of sentence, because you have no idea where does it lead to. Graphics are ok, but characters and story could be a bit deeper like in other games. DIE BY THE UNHOLY ABERRATION Die when figting creatures in forest. (You can do same after fuck, if you tell him to keep that secret or not) When Corin told you a truth about Rhy say him that you want to go away with him. I am guessing that beating the are monster Werewolf may yield results since I also find no benefit in killing the monsters but also noticed that the Werewolf has same combat stats mostly as Corin ... coincidence This game has the potential to go somewhere, and then never does. dont get me wrong graphics are nice and game handles well BUT it feels totally unfinished .

All hacked games are url-locked to Hacked Free Games domain. 75/100 The game has a good idea, but seems a bit like a "beta" where not all paths have been finalized. For instance killing the spider and getting some venom from her using it in the fight against Colin.But so far I have not get anything out of the fights ...didnt find a way to defeat him, dunno if something better through that chance. honestly the storyline is terrible and so is the gameplay for some reason the char cant land a melee atk ever and i tried this game 5 times and some of the endings come too quickly, visually its good but i like the game play as much as the sex scenes I am really starting to get angry. And like many others I`m struggling to get ending 3.I can`t stand rape and if they can`t put some type of label or warning for it I won`t come back. I miss the different varieties in sex scenes of other LOP games. The fighting was ok but seemed tacked on to fill out the game.

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