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The currently-in-development Asterisk SCF (Scalable Communications Framework) is being built as an adjunct open source project to allow Asterisk 1.

systems to scale in even more powerful ways—stay tuned, or better yet, get involved with the project as a developer.

If you’re an experienced Asterisk developer or integrator, I’m sure this book will have a few “Hey, that’s a neat way to do it!

” moments for you, which is one of the joys of Asterisk.

Asterisk can appear quite daunting and complex to a new user, which is why documentation is so important to its growth.

This book will take you from a vague idea of doing something with computers and voice communication to the point where you’re able to stun everyone you know with your phone system’s sophisticated tricks.The power of lies in its customizable nature, complemented by unmatched standards compliance.No other PBX can be deployed in so many creative ways.Asterisk is accessible because of the ease with which a novice can understand basic concepts.Then it continues to succeed as the novice becomes a pro and starts tapping the “other ways to do it” with more sophisticated implementations, using AGI with Java, Perl, or Python (or one of the other dozen or so supported languages), or even writing her own custom apps that work as compile-time options in Asterisk.

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