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The idea was to fuel curiosity in people with these tidbits of data, stats and did-you-knows.In total, we designed and installed 71 factoid plaques, 52 room signs, 8 curiosity quotes, 7 art walls, 2 living plant walls and 1 Vegas-themed mural.Some of our ideas were pretty ‘out there’—balloon art, a graffiti monkey head, TVs and kitchen appliances literally powered by people, as well as an entire wall made of post-it notes.The challenge was to focus on what truly meant something to our brand and culture.Mateo then embarked on the completion of the building at a date no later than 1168, the year he was granted a lifetime pension by Ferdinand II of León in a document on display in the exhibition.Master Mateo and his workshop carried out significant work in three important areas of the cathedral: the so-called “crypt”; the Portico of Glory; and the lost west façade.Rented office space is available for small, medium and large companies at Spaces Century City.With Century City playing host to several hotels around the area, your colleagues from regional offices will have no hassle in being located closely to Century City Business Centre and Cape Town International Airport.

The Portico is currently the subject of a restoration project to recover its abundant polychromy and to resolve various conservation issues.

Situated on a prominent intersection, Spaces offers easy access into downtown Mateo’s vibrant business district.

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It also functioned to support the Portico, with which it shares numerous formal and particularly iconographic features, introducing new artistic forms into the Iberian Peninsula that combine French, Italian and even Islamic influences.

The most significant part of Master Mateo’s project was the Portico of Glory, one of the masterpieces of European art of the late 12th and early 13th centuries.

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