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Deputies say that some of his coworkers were going to play a prank on him, but found pornographic material on his laptop.

Robison was fired from the church and employees called authorities.

His arraignment will be held on February 21 at 9 a.m.

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I had just had my first experience with being nude casually at home, so I was a little nervous as I was moving a little quickly into this world of nudism. " said my mom Jennifer as she came over to give me a hug. Just mostly watching TV and spending some time outside tanning," I said. I wanted so badly to try out the nude beach the next day, but I wasn't sure where I was going to get there or if I'd even get the nerves to go nude on the beach once I got there.

I had just heard my parents come home just as I was shutting down the computer, I had dressed by now so I made my way downstairs to greet them. If only she knew what I was wearing to tan all day. Part of me figured that I would chicken out when I got there.

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Turns out this beach was only a half hour away, and had "unofficial" status as a nude beach, which means that it wasn't recognized as a nude beach by city officials, but was commonly accepted as a place that locals went when they wanted to sunbathe without clothing. We look forward to this trip every year and you know it. That way I was covered if they called home to check up on me, as they so frequently did.

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