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Strand speed dating for book lovers

Literary speed dating is popping up at select libraries across the city. Toronto bookworms are going back to basics when it comes to dating.5 Johnny Dodds: Definitive Dodds (Retrieval 1926-7) £10.76, RRP £11.99 Skirling and insistent in the upper register, plumy and fluid in the lower, Dodds’s clarinet was among the most compelling voices to emerge from New Orleans.6 Louis Armstrong: The Complete Hot Five and Hot Seven Recordings (Columbia 1925-9) deleted The Old Testament of jazz in which the youthful Louis Armstrong emerges like a prophet, filled with power and glorious eloquence.To absorb and assess even a substantial proportion of it requires a lifetime of listening.

Those are all qualities that I’m looking for in a friend.”The night: “There’ve definitely been some candidates,” she said.

It’s worth noting that early jazz, and a great deal of the classic middle period, too, is now out of copyright and sometimes available in a bewildering variety of permutations. Bessie Smith’s recording of the Twenties – accompanied by such musicians as Louis Armstrong, James P Johnson and the sweet-toned trumpeter Joe Smith – have a matchless stateliness of delivery and monumental vocal strength.

3 Bix Beiderbecke: Bix & Tram (JSP 1926-29) £16.62, RRP £17.99 Beiderbecke was the doomed Scott Fitzgerald of music.

The night: Blackshaw said he felt sparks fly with a few ladies.

“The best conversations were the ones where the book was not needed,” he said.

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