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Tantra dating site

Men are visual creatures by nature, and when they combine that with their other senses, the experience automatically intensifies.When we live in the present moment, we realize that the one constant in life is our breath.

Women must be in the right headspace to become aroused and if we don’t become aroused those desired energies are not created.

The human body is composed of seven energy centers along the spine, also known as chakras. When one area becomes blocked, the energy doesn’t flow freely.

When engaged in physical intimacy, the chakras from one body line up with the chakras from another body. To read more about chakras click Tantric Sex is a beautiful and powerful experience that I highly recommend.

The body is merely the conduit.“Tantra is the original spiritual science first taught in India more than 7000 years ago.

Tan is a Sanskrit root which signifies “expansion,” and Tra signifies “liberation.” Thus, Tantra is the practice which elevates human beings in a process in which their minds are expanded.

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When we fill our lungs with oxygen we provide life and energy to our bodies.

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