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Updating asus linux

We put an update in our review after the Asus people got back to us, but at the time there was still no online support so we couldn’t update the substance of the review itself because we had nothing to go on.So over six months later it’s time to return to the Tinker Board and take a look at the state of its distro and at its support offering.The limitation of running PMS is that the Synology DS212j (or DS215j) do not have the processing power to transcode my media.In otherwords, you cannot directly play a video from the Synology NAS unless the hardware (laptop, desktop) you are using to view the media is capable of transcoding the media.Our review found its hardware to be one of the best of that crop of boards we had yet seen, but found serious fault with the poor state of its software support at the time.There was no website, the distro had to be downloaded from an obscure Asus download site, and there was no user community or support channel to speak of.The DS212j contains all my media (movies, tv shows, music, photographs) and works well hosting those files.It also runs perfectly fine running Plex Media Server (PMS).

The purpose of this walkthrough is to provide details on how I set my Chromebox for my own use – with a standalone boot of Ubuntu Linux (14.04).

It’s not ideal that community members release their own distros while continuing the Asus numbering scheme — in fact they should probably be forks — so for the purposes of this review I’m sticking with the official download from the web site because that will be the one retail customers find.

It’s worth pointing out that there is also an Android distribution, but since this is a comparison with the earlier review it’s being ignored here.

It has served as my bench computer and let me tell you, it’s been a fantastic little board.

It has provided a handy web terminal for technical look-up while working on hardware, and it has been very capable as an authoring and graphics manipulation platform for Hackaday stories requiring some bench time.

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