Updating database java

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Updating database java

Warnings may be retrieved from Connection, Statement, and Result Set objects.

Dozens of relational databases are seamlessly connected using java due to the simplicity of this API.

If you require two or more statements to be grouped into a transaction then you need to disable auto-commit mode using below command Auto Commit(false); Prepared Statement update Stmt = con.prepare Statement( "UPDATE EMPLOYEE SET SALARY = ? "); update Int(1, 5000); update String(2, "Jack"); update Stmt.execute Update(); update Int(1, 6000); update String(2, "Tom"); update Stmt.execute Update(); con.commit(); Auto Commit(true); Warnings are issued by database to notify user of a problem which may not be very severe.

Database warnings do not stop the execution of SQL statements.

It was pioneered by database vendors to allow multiple clients to share a cached set of connection objects that provides access to a database.

Getting connection and disconnecting are costly operation, which affects the application performance, so we should avoid creating multiple connection during multiple database interactions.

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