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Note: there is a recall on these cables that may help us. Note #2-I read if a VSS is replaced their must be a factory update to the computer or the above can happen! Drives fine, then jerks once violently as is immediately downshifts into 3rd. Within a mile or two it slams into 3rd again and we start over.

Designated the 948TE, the sophisticated transmission boasts excellent start-up acceleration and an outstanding up to 16 % improvement in highway fuel efficient compared to a conventional 6-speed automatic transmission.Last options is: 1) Replace the tranny at cost of k. Solution: keep the car as a backup car for short trips and forget about fixing it.Don't bother selling it, and start looking for a new car to buy.Started the engine and check light returned within 2 minutes but no downshift.It's going back to the shop that put the VSS in it tomorrow. Turn off and back on and things return to normal except engine light stays on.

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