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Nearly 80 percent said the courts are best qualified to determine sentences for crimes, and nearly 60 percent said they'd be likely to vote for a politician who opposed mandatory minimum sentences." The article states, "The current spate of mandatory minimums has its root in the crime wave of the 1980s, when fears about crack cocaine, in particular, led lawmakers to draft tougher measures to deter dealers.

According to the Christian Science Monitor September 25, 2008 article, ("Poll: 60 percent of Americans oppose mandatory minimum sentences") "In a new poll, some 60 percent of respondents opposed mandatory minimums for nonviolent crimes, including a majority of both Democrats and Republicans.Interested parties can contact their Representatives to express their desire to see these measures progress to a full vote.To more closely follow this issue, keep an eye on FAMM's website and/or track the bills using Gov Track.Experts now say the two forms are equally dangerous.Those possessing five grams of crack cocaine - versus 500 grams of powder cocaine - face a mandatory minimum of five years.

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